Sound-Loaded Books:
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed  Christelow, E.
Jay Jay the Jet Plane    Huelin, J.
Jazzy in the Jungle Cousins, L.
Jingle Jungle Jingle Bells     Yoon, S.
Jump Frog Jump Kalan, R.
The Giant Jellybean Jar Aboff, M.
Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?   Carter, D.
  • Create a "job center" let the children dress-up as various professionals.
  • Develop a "Jiggle, Jamming" Obstacle Course
            1)   Jog to the gym and practice the /j/ sound... j, j, j.
            2)  Jump like a jumping jack and practice the /j/ sound... j, j, j.
            3)  Jingle your body and practice the /j/ sound... j, j, j.
            4)  Juggle pretend letter Js and practice the /j/ sound... j, j, j.
            5)  Jam to some music and practice the /j/ sound... j, j, j.
            6)  Just stop... j----
  • Do some jumping jacks!
  • Go jogging!
  • Jump rope!
  • Learn to juggle!
  • Make a book about animals that live in the jungle.
  • Make jack-o-lanterns.... from pumpkins or construction paper!
  • Make jello!
  • Make little pillows with 'j' words on them and jump from pillow to pillow!
  • Play jacks.
  • Put pictures of students or characters from favorite stories with 'j' names into a cookie jar.  Pass the cookie jar around and let each student take a picture out of the jar while chanting "Who Took the Cookie..." 
  • Tell jokes!
  • Play on a jungle gym
  • Play "Jack be Nimble" and jump over objects that begin with the letter 'j'
  • Make the letter 'j' with "wikki sticks"

  • Cracker jacks
  • Jello jigglers
  • Jelly beans
  • Jelly doughnuts
  • Jelly/jam 
  • Jerky
  • Juice

Sensory Table:
  • Add some jello and search for objects that begin with the letter 'j' 
  • Add some jewels!
  • Add some jingle bells!
  • Jam in plastic bags
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